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Will sell used
Electric Garden Cultivator and Tiller, Gbagada
Will sell used

Electric Garden Cultivator and Tiller, Gbagada

Price70 000
Region: Lagos State / Gbagada
Electric Garden Cultivator and Tiller - Bentley Electric Cultivator

The Bentley electric cultivator is perfect for soil loosening and spreading fertilizers, compost, and peat in home gardens.

Make your garden work easier with this rotary tiller.

Equipped with a powerful 750W motor, this cultivator is a reliable and high-performance alternative to small combustion engines.
Prepare your garden quickly and easily, especially under the vegetable garden.

The blades are designed to automatically bite into the soil, making the cultivation process effortless.

The metal cover protects the tiller from chipping, ensuring its durability.

Experience pure pleasure while working in your garden with the John Gardener tiller.

Condition: Used
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